The World Fighting Tournament, in the Virtua Fighter video game series, is a worldwide martial arts competition, where many different fighters from around the globe, each with his or her own unique fighting ability, come together to engage in a life-or-death struggle, to earn the title as the #1 fighting champion of the world.


The World Fighting Tournament is sponsored once a year by a mysterious organization known as Judgement 6 (or J6). With this tournament, J6 draws in the world's greatest fighters in order to obtain combat data for a project to create the ultimate combat weapon, Dural. They also sent in highly trained (and brainwashed) assassins (Goh HinogamiJean Kujo, and formerly Sarah Bryant) to participate in the tournaments and eliminate certain fighters such as Sarah's older brother Jacky and Jean's childhood friend Lion Rafale. The tournaments, the kidnapping and brainwashing of Sarah and Kage's mother Tsukikage, and the top secret Dural Project, are all a part of J6's ultimate goal: to achieve their subtle form of world domination.


Throughout the entire series, J6 has held five World Fighting Tournaments. As of now, there are only three canonical winners of the tournaments: Lau ChanAkira Yuki, and Kage-Maru. Lau is the first martial artist to win a World Fighting Tournament, but in the second and third tournaments, he was defeated by Akira and Kage, both of whom went on to win their respective tournaments.

  • 1st Tournament - Lau Chan
  • 2nd Tournament - Akira Yuki
  • 3rd Tournament - Kage-Maru
  • 4th Tournament - Indecisive, due to the final match between Kage and Shun Di being halted by one of J6's Dural production models. However, Kage is considered to be the winner, as he was about to deliver the final blow to Shun when Dural appeared, and he was the one who destroyed the Dural model.
  • 5th Tournament - Will be announced if there is another canonical Virtua Fighter game.
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