Virtua Fighter Remix
VFRemix JP
Virtua Fighter Remix Japanese Saturn cover
Developer Sega AM1
Arcade System Sega ST-V
Platforms Arcade, Sega Saturn, PC
Release Date Arcade
  • April 1995

Sega Saturn

  • JP: July 14, 1995
  • NA: October 2, 1995
  • EU: October 27, 1995

Windows 95

  • JP: June 26, 1996
  • NA: August 31, 1996
  • EU: 1996

Virtua Fighter Remix (バーチャファイターリミックス), developed in 1995 by Sega-AM1, was an update of the original Virtua Fighter. It had higher-polygon models (compared to the original's Sega Saturn port), texture mapping, and some gameplay changes. It was given free to all registered Saturn owners in the US via mail and was available for sale in Japan and Europe.

It also had an arcade release on the ST-V (an arcade platform based on the Sega Saturn) and in 1996 was ported to Microsoft Windows as Virtua Fighter PC. The Windows version played in a higher resolution and had the option to use the textured Remix models or the original flat-shaded models.



  • The character select art, as well as the cover for Japanese Saturn version, is drawn by Katsuya Terada. This art is also included in the manual for the Japanese 32X Virtua Fighter, and as the icons in Virtua Fighter 2's select screen.
  • The cover art for the US Saturn version is from Marvel Comics' Virtua Fighter #1.



Virtua Fighter Remix intro Sega Saturn

Virtua Fighter Remix intro Sega Saturn

Intro (Saturn)

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