Virtua Fighter 5 R
Developer Sega AM2
Arcade System Sega Lindbergh
Platforms Arcade
Release Date Arcade
  • JP: July 24, 2008
  • JP: December 16, 2008 (Ver. A)
  • JP: May 21, 2009 (Ver. B)
  • JP: November 25, 2009 (Ver. C)

Virtua Fighter 5 R was an update to Virtua Fighter 5, released on July 24th 2008 to Japanese arcades. This revision featured brand new stages and a new character named Jean Kujo, who practices Karate. Also included was the return of the sumo wrestler Taka-Arashi from Virtua Fighter 3, which brought the fighter count up to twenty (counting Dural).

Difference from Virtua Fighter 5

As well as introducing two new characters; all existing characters from Virtua Fighter 5 have been tweaked, given new moves, pre-fight animations, win animations and customizations. A new "Side-Block" feature had been added to the gameplay to allow players to block an attack from the side.

Every existing stage has been revised in some way, (some more drastic than others). They all have new musical scores as well. A brand new Sumo Stable stage has been added as Taka-Arashi's stage and the Dojo stage in the original Virtua Fighter 5 has become Jean Kujo's Stage.


New Character

Returning Characters



  • Virtua Fighter 5 R is the only game in the series not to feature two brand new characters. Although, there are two characters who were not featured in the previous installment, Virtua Fighter 5, Taka-Arashi is a returning character thus making Jean Kujo the only new character.
  • It is currently unknown what the "R" in the title stands for. An early trailer suggests that letter may stand for "Reinforce", "Rival", "Reality" or "Returns" (however the suggestion seems unsuitable and was more likely used to reinforce the return of Taka-Arashi).
  • Characters can now be customized to resemble classic Sega characters, for example, Sarah can be made to look like Ulala from the Space Channel 5 series. Amigo, of Samba de Amigo fame, can be featured on a customized El Blaze.


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