Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary
Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary Japanese cover
Developer Sega AM2
Platforms PlayStation 2
Release Date November 28, 2003

Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary is a PlayStation 2 game which combined the graphics of Virtua Fighter with the gameplay of Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. In Japan, it initially shipped as part of a box set, including an art book and DVD with Virtua Fighter history, under the title of "Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary ~Memory of Decade~". In North America, it was included in Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. In Europe, it was only available as a promotional item, and was never sold at retail.


10th Anniversary Combination

Certain elements from Virtua Fighter, and Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution are present in Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary.

From Virtua Fighter

  • Character and Arena models (With new models for the newer characters as if they appeared in the original game)
  • Soundtrack
  • "Floaty" jump physics (Jumping causes you to sail through the air)
  • No Ground Juggles (Hitting the enemy against the ground hard enough won't bounce them back up to take more damage)
  • Plane Structure (Essentially a 2D game with 3D models, there is no 8-way walk or evading (besides Lion's special evade). The only way to change planes is via a throw.)
  • Menu layout and game modes. Only Arcade and Vs. are available

From Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

  • Full character roster
  • Virtually identical moves lists (Only Ukemi and moves that involve 3 dimensions, i.e. throw evades, etc. have been omitted)
  • Victory poses/taunts
  • Game speed/frame rate


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