Virtua Fighter #1

Virtua Fighter issue #1, a one-shot comic, was released by Marvel on August 1, 1995. Written by Mark Paniccia with art by Patrick Rolo, Moose Baumann, Scott Reed, Abraham Madison, Vinton Heuck and John J. Miller. Cover by Patrick Rolo and Abraham Madison.


Learn what brings eight fighters from different corners of the world to a bizarre metropolis known as Virtua City, the center of a brooding and dark secret of world domination. Are the Virtua Fighters the saviors against a secret society's evil plans, or are they mere pawns in their malicious schemes?



  • Certain events in the comic were not mention or implied to have happen anywhere in the video game series, making the Virtua Fighter comic book non-canon.
  • The cover art was used for the US Saturn version of Virtua Fighter Remix and for the US and EU cover of Virtua Fighter Animation.
  • The main location in the story, Virtua City, is a reference to Virtua Cop.
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