Practitioner of Tiger Swallow Fist

Tiger Swallow Fist (虎燕拳; pinyin: Hǔ Yàn Quán) is a legendary martial art that marries the power and grace of two animals — the tiger and the swallow. It's martial art commonly known as Koen-ken in Virtua Fighter series, being a Japanese literal translation.


Tiger Swallow Fist is a unique martial art, combining two styles of Shaolin Kung Fu into a lethal form of weaponless combat. The shaolin monks looked to nature for guidance, and developed many forms of kung fu based on the movements of animals. Originally there were five shaolin animal styles: tiger, crane, leopard, snake, and dragon. Over the centuries new animal forms were developed, including praying mantis, monkey, and swallow.

From the tiger comes strength, with simple strokes of full force. Tiger Swallow Fist has many direct, powerful attacks, especially with the fists. From the swallow comes speed, with quick combination attacks. Merging the two yields a style that is an offensive powerhouse -- quick, strong, and straight to the point.

Tiger Swallow Fist is something of a unique style, and is therefore not commonly practiced in modern times. Much of its power lives on in legend, as it once stood as one of the most feared of all fighting styles.


  • The Tiger Swallow Fist martial art is also the fighting system used by the character Lan-Di of the Shenmue series.