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Siba in Fighters Megamix
Country Flag of Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia
Blood Type O
Job Bouncer
Hobby Cooking
Debut Fighters Megamix

Siba (シバ, Shiba) (also known as Majid Abdul (マジド・アブドゥル, Majido Abudouru)) is an Arab fighter in Fighters Megamix. He originally appeared in prototypes of Virtua Fighter (with the name Shiba), but was replaced by Akira Yuki before the game's release. His face still appears on the bezel of the US arcade cabinet, mislabeled as "Akira".[1][2][3]

He was brought back in Fighters Megamix as an unlockable character, with the moveset of Bahn from Fighting Vipers. He can also attack with a scimitar, which deals high damage and is unblockable, but may be broken from overuse. His stage is based on Wolf Hawkfield's desert stage in Virtua Fighter 3, and the music is the attract mode theme, "Rowdy".


  • Holding X while selecting him in Fighters Megamix gives him a polygonal appearance similar to the style of the first Virtua Fighter.
  • A bronze trophy modeled after Siba was given to the winner of a regional championship in Duluth, Minnesota (1998).


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