Jean Kujo
Jean Kujo in Virtua Fighter 5
Country Flag of France.svg France
Fighting Style Karate
Job Assassin
Rival(s) Akira Yuki
Goh Hinogami
Debut Virtua Fighter 5 R
Voice Actor Wataru Hatano

Jean Kujo (ジャン 紅條, Jan Kujō) is a French full-contact karateka and a brainwashed assassin for Judgement 6 who debuted in Virtua Fighter 5 R; alongside the return of Taka-Arashi. It appears that Jean is an exponent of some style of Karate and uses lots of charge-up attacks. He was known as Karateka before his actual name was publicly revealed. He is the second J6 Assassin to be part of the Virtua Fighter roster (after Goh Hinogami).


Virtua Fighter 5 R

Following Goh Hinogami's defeat at the hands of Jacky Bryant in the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, he now gets his chance to prove his worth. He soon decides to target Lion Rafale specifically, unaware that they used to be childhood friends.

Character Relationships

  • Assassin of J6; Rival and fellow assassin of Goh Hinogami.
  • Childhood friend of Lion Rafale. However, he has no memory of this due to J6's brainwashing.
  • Possible rival of Akira Yuki.


  • Jean is the only character to debut in Virtua Fighter 5 R; thus making him the only character to debut solo in a Virtua Fighter game. However, his arrival was accompanied with the return of Taka-Arashi.
  • Jean is the only non-Asian character in the series to speak Japanese.



  • 最強の格闘技を教えてやろ…空手だよ。(Saikyō-no kakutōgi-wo oshiete yaro… Karate da-yo.) — I'll tell you what the strongest martial art is… It's Karate.
  • お前を絶望で満たしてやる!(Omae-wo zetsubō-de mitashite yaru!) — I'll fill your life with despair!
  • ご卓話いい…来い。(Gotaku-wa ii… Koi.) — Shut your mouth… and bring it.
  • フォアグラにしてやる!(Foagura-ni shite-yaru!) — I'll pound you into foie gras! (VF5FS)

During Fights

  • 壊れろ!(Kowarero!) — I'll break you!
  • くたばる!(Kutabaru!) — Die!
  • いてぞ!(Itezo) — This is gonna hurt.


  • いつでも相手になってやるさ。(Itsudemo aite-ni natte-yaru-sa.) — I'll take you on anytime.
  • 結局オレが一番だぜ。(Kekkyoku ore-ga ichiban-da ze.) — Looks like I'm the best after all.
  • 廃つく ばってろう!(Haitsuku batte-ro!) — Stay down there! (VF5R)
  • 残念だったな、凡人くん。(Zan'nen datta-na, bonjin-kun.) — Too bad for you, peasant. (VF5FS)

Item Victory

  • 大したことねえな。(Taishita koto nee-na.) — You're nothing special at all. -w/ Glass Bottle
  • もっと美しい戦いがしたい。(Motto utsukushii tatakai-ga shitai.) — I want a more refined match. -w/ Kiku-Ichimonji Sword
  • 空地ほどにもない。(Kūchi hodo-ni-mo nai.) — You didn't live up to all the hype. -w/ Tonfas, Flag
  • 決まったな。(Kimatta-na.) — Nailed it. -Stone Lantern
  • 勝負あったの?(Shōbu atta-no?) — Was that even a fight? -w/ Ball


  • ばかな!なぜ負けた?!糞!失敗かい?情けない…(Baka-na! Naze maketa?! Kuso! Shippai-kai? Nasakenai…) — This can't be! How did I lose?! Damn! I've failed? How pathetic...

Second Chance

  • 次は仕留める!(Tsugi-wa shitomeru!) — This time the match is as good as won!


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