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Goh Hinogami
Goh Hinogami in Virtua Fighter 5
Country Flag of Japan.svg Japan (listed as “Unknown” in VF5US[1])
Fighting Style Judo
Blood Type AB
Height 176cm
Weight 66kg
B/W/H 105cm/79cm/85cm
Job Assassin
Hobby Collecting silver accessories
Rival(s) Akira Yuki
Jean Kujo
Jacky Bryant
Debut Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Voice Actor Toshihiko Seki

Goh Hinogami (日守 剛, Hinogami Gō) was introduced in Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, an update to Virtua Fighter 4. He was one of the two newcomers in the release, along with Brad Burns. He is a Judgement 6 assassin trained in Judo, and his orders are to kill every other playable character.


Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

J6 is an evil organization, therefore, there have been times when an informant from within aims to expose them. But, within J6 exists an arm whose specialist is exterminating such traitors. In there, orphaned young boys and girls are captured and trained as perfect assassins; moreover, multiple assassin forces have been built up in this fashion. Serving under his commanding officer is an Asian youth - Goh Hinogami. His father was a judo expert chosen to go to the Olympics, but a jealous friend whose career aspirations were unsuccessful murdered him, and Goh became an orphan. Soon after, the Organization found him, and trained him in assassination arts. Orders have come down to him from above. His latest orders are to infiltrate the World Fighting Tournament.

Virtua Fighter 5

This hulking, scarred assassin spent much of his youth in a J6 training facility perfecting his fighting techniques. Before the Fourth Tournament, J6 called on him to eliminate several esteemed fighters, but he failed completely. While he tried to explain to his superiors that the interruption of the Dural had ruined his plans, they did not hide their disappointment in him. He knew the Fifth Fighting Tournament was his last chance to redeem himself or he too would be eliminated.


Goh is a ruthless and sinister individual who often taunts his fallen opponents, and frequently even kicks or stomps down on foes after they have been defeated. As an assassin, he expectedly holds other people in low regard, and he sees his opponents only as playthings or a means to further hone his skills. Goh absolutely hates to lose, and takes any sort of defeat very personally. He may also hold a grudge against Jacky Bryant after being defeated by him in the fourth fighting tournament.

Goh fights rather viciously, juxtaposing his fighting style, Judo, a gentle martial art more focused on self-defense and taking targets down with little applied force. His personal style of Judo mixes in many striking moves such as punches, kicks, and elbows when he cannot grab his opponent, making it closer resemble a dated form of Judo, as modern Judo has no such striking techniques. Goh uses his fighting style's focus on throwing as a catalyst for brutality, as he applies excessive force once he has an opponent in his hold. Examples include dislocating or breaking an arm or a leg when his opponent is down, and striking his opponent in the head forcefully and repeatedly after he's pinned them to the ground.

Character Relationships

  • Fellow J6 assassin and rival of Jean Kujo.
  • Defeated by Jacky Bryant in the fourth World Fighting Tournament.
  • Possible rival of Akira Yuki.


  • Both Goh and Jean sport unusually colored hair (dark blue and silver respectively). It is unknown whether these are their natural hair colors, or a result of J6's brainwashing (Sarah Bryant's remained blonde throughout J6's brainwashing).



  • 少しだけ 遊んで やるか。(Sukoshi dake, asonde yaru ka.) — I'll play with you, for a little while. (VF4 Evo)
  • 安心しろ、すぐに終わる。(Anshin shiro, sugi-ni owaru.) — Relax, this will all be over soon.
  • 遊ぼうか…。(Asobouka…?) — Wanna play…?
  • すぐ、楽にしてやるぜ。(Sugu, raku-ni shite-yaru-ze.) — I'll put you out of your misery quickly.
  • 新技の実験台にしてやるぜ!(Shinwaza-no jikkendai-ni shite-yaru-ze!) — You'll be my guinea pig for testing new techniques! (VF5FS, VF5US)

During Battle

  • いてか?(Ite-ka?) — Hurts?
  • きさまらよ!(Kisama-ra-yo!) — You're gonna pay!
  • くたばれ!(Kutabare!) — Damn you!
  • 甘い!(Amai!) — Stupid move!
  • もらった!(Moratta!) — Gotcha!
  • 喰らえ!(Kurae!) — Eat this!
  • そこだ!(Soko-da!) — There you are!
  • こちだ!(Kochi-da!) — Get over here!
  • 行くぞ!(Iku-zo!) — Take this!
  • 沈め!(Shizume!) — Stay down!


  • まだまだ練習のつもりなんだがな!(Mada mada renshū-no tsumori nan-da-ga-na!) — I was planning on getting more practice than this!
  • 雑魚が…二度とツラ見せんじゃねぇ!(Zako-ga… ni-do-to tsura misen-ja-nee!) — Weakling… Don't ever let me see your face again!
  • そのまま床をなめてな!(Sono-mama yuka-wo namete-ana!) — Lick the floor while you're down there!
  • 1から、いや、0からやり直して来い。(Ichi-kara, iya, zero-kara yarinaoshite koi.) — From step 1, no, start it all over from step 0. (VF5, VF5R)

Item Victory

  • まだやけが足りないのか?(Mada yake-ga tarinai-no-ka?) — You still looking for more? -w/ Metal pipe, Flag
  • 勇気だけは認めてやる。(Yuki dake-wa mitomete-yaru.) — At least you had the guts to show up. -w/ Shamisen
  • お前は負けに来たのかい?(Omae-wa make-ni kita-no-kai?) — You came here looking for a beating? -w/ Rusty Saw
  • 怖かったか?かわいそうに…(Kowakatta-ka? Kawaisō-ni…) — Was that scary? You poor thing… -w/ Doll
  • 悪いな。勝たせてもらったぜ!(Warui-na. Katasete-moratta-ze!) — My bad. Thanks for letting you win! -w/ Ball


  • こんな 結果、信じられるかってんだ…(Kon'na kekka, shinjirareru-katte-n-da…) — You really expect me to accept this outcome…

Second Chance

  • さて、行くか…(Sate, ikuka…) — So, where were we…


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