Eileen in Virtua Fighter 5
Country Flag of the People's Republic of China China
Fighting Style Monkey-Style Kung Fu (Kou-ken)
Job Beijing Opera
Rival(s) Pai Chan
Debut Virtua Fighter 5
Voice Actor Anri Shiono

Eileen (アイリーン, Airīn) debuted in the original Virtua Fighter 5 and uses Monkey-Style Kung Fu (pronounced "Kou-ken" in Japanese). She is an admirer of Pai Chan, and her reason for entering the World Fighting Tournament is to find her and meet her face-to-face after getting a chance to see her at a martial arts demonstration.


Virtua Fighter 5

After losing both of her parents at a young age, she was raised by her grandfather—a "Kou-Ken" martial arts master from China. In addition to her grandfather's training, she perfected her skills with a Beijing opera troupe.

One day, she happened to see a martial arts demonstration by Pai Chan and was amazed and captivated by the beauty and strength of her movements. Since that time, Eileen thinks of little else besides finding a way to approach Pai. To this end, she enters the Fifth World Fighting Tournament to find Pai.

Character Relationships



  • 若いからって、なめないでね!(Wakai-kara-tte, namenai-de-ne!) — Don't make light of me just because I'm young!
  • いっくわよ~!本気でかかってきてね!(Ikku-wa-yo~! Honki-de kakatte-kite-ne!) — Here goes! Bring it on with everything you've got!
  • ハハハッ!かかってこ~い!(ha ha ha~! Kakatte-ko~i!) — (laughing) Bring it on!
  • よし!勝負だ!(Yoshi! Shōbu-da!) — Alright! Let's fight! (VF5FS)

During Fight

  • うき!(Uki!) — Eek!
  • いただき!(Itadaki!) — Gotcha!
  • よし!(Yoshi!) — OK!
  • いっくわよ!(Iku-wa-yo!) — Look out!
  • 甘いよ!(Amai-yo!) — Easy!
  • よいしょ!(Yoisho!) — Heave-ho!
  • こちだよ!(Kochi-da-yo!) — Over here!


  • きに会うまでに、もっと強くなってね!(Ki-ni au made-ni, motto tsuyoku-natte-ne!) — Toughen up by the next time we meet, OK!
  • わたしにも功夫、あるのよ!(Watashi-ni-mo kunfū, aru-no-yo!) — I've got some Kung Fu skills too, you know!
  • わ~い、わ~い!勝っちゃった!(Wa~i, wa~i! Katchatta!) — Woo-hoo! I won!
  • 10年早かったわね。な~んちゃって。(10-nen hayakatta-wa-ne. Na~n chatte.) — You're 10 years too early. Just kidding. (VF5, VF5R)
  • やった!!きゃきゃ~ハハッ (Yatta! Kya kya~ ha ha~) — I did it! Kya kya~ (laughing) (VF5FS)

Item Victory

  • 行くぞ! おじいちゃん, 勝ちましたよ!(Iku-zo! Ojii-chan, kachimashita-yo!) — Here goes! Hey, grandpa, I won! -w/ Monkey Staff
  • いっくよ!アハハハ!それ!(Ikku-yo! Ahahaha! Sore!) — Here goes! Ahahaha! There! -w/ Magic Wand
  • 勝てて素直に嬉しいです。(Katete sunao-ni ureshii-desu.) — I'm genuinely happy I won. -w/ Recorder
  • 私の勝ち、だよね。(Watashi-no kachi, da-yo-ne.) — Seems I'm the winner, aren't I? -w/ Double Melon Hammers
  • あたしって強い!(Atashi-tte tsuyoi!) — I'm waaay strong! -w/ Flag
  • 私の歩が強かったみたいね。ハ!(Watashi-no ho-ga tsuyokatta-mitai-ne. Ha!) — Looks like I was stronger than you. Ha! -w/ Ball


  • これで勝ったと思わないでで!(Kore-de katta-to omowanai-de-de!) — Don't you go thinking you've won yet!
  • 嘘!(Uso!) — No way!

Second Chance

  • 行くわよ!(Iku-wa-yo!) — Here goes nothing!




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