Charles Martinet
Country USA
Birthday September 17, 1955
Job Actor, voice actor

Charles Martinet is an American actor who voiced Lau Chan and Shun Di in the English version of Virtua Quest as well as Snake Eyes and the announcer.

Martinet, like other US-native voice actors who contributed to the game, is affiliated with Webtone Productions, which has done voice work for many Sega titles around that time. These roles include Vigoro from Skies of Arcadia and Gouji Rokkaku from Jet Set Radio Future.

Martinet, however, is best recognized as the voice of Mario, the eponymous character of Nintendo's flagship series - a role he has held for two decades.

Roles in Virtua Fighter

  • Virtua Quest (2004) - Lau Chan, Shun Di, Snake Eyes, Announcer

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